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PLACCC Budapest Hungary 2021
Orient_Fighting_Falaki_ (120).jpg

Kampnagel – K1 Hamburg Germany


Contemporary Dance Night 2018

Tanztage festival Sophiensale Berlin 2019

Les Printemps De La Dance Arab festival at the Institute du Monde Arabe 2019

Dancing on the Edge, The Netherlands 2017

Reflections of Inner Flow

Arab Arts Focus, Summerhall The Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Dancing on the Edge 2017

How can we keep going?


Four Solo project

Nassim Al raqs 2016

The Map is not the teritory

Continuation of research on Turning 


Rawabet D-CAF 2015 

Focusing on social judgment as a general theme.

Adopting shaking as the main anchor for the choreographic research

Falaki Main Stage 

Contemporary Dance night 2014

Physical Research on turning, conceptual on trial error and continuty.

Falaki main stage 

Contemporary dance night 2012

Creating life through her inner universe… making her vibrant body a space 

Al Balad Theatre

Aat festival Amman 2012

Story telling and movement

Downhouse Rawabet 2012

Contemporary Dance night kick off

Using the repetitive action of running into the wall to echo the social amd political change we are trying to implement in Egypt

Nassim el Raqs 2011

Bahari Beach

On Site Creation

Falaki Main Stage 2011

Dancing on the Edge Tour 2012

The preception of reality in a virtual world 

​Could I lose myself into us, never finding me again?

L’Officina in the framework of the Miniature project, Marseilles, France.

Premier at Fort Saint-Jean, Marseille Imaginez Maintenant Festival 2010

Penitents Blancs, Festival Hivernals Avignon 2010 

Where does the quality of our verticality and presence in the context of life today stand?

Falaki main stage, 2 Be Continued Festival  2009 

Time… a measuring unit… Does it rule us?

Studio Showing SEE Foundation 2008

Caior contemporary Dance Wokshop Program

Researching Choreographic Writnings 

A happening in Amir Taz Palace, Egypt 2008

‘Space’ as departure point to create a dialogue.

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