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Sight Specific 

Testing the ability to recover from or adjust to…

Post our spring, post hoping for change: How can we keep going? 

A Work qustioning how to find continuity and perseverance in the world we live in today.

The Resilience of the Body readapted to be performed outdoors in a special duo formate in collaboration with Mahmoud El Hadad


Choreography & Performance: Shaymaa Shoukry 

performance :Mahmoud El Hadad 

Sound: Open source 

Light design: Saber el Sayed 

Music: Mohamed Shafik 


Production: Dayer for Artistic Productions 

PLACCC Budapest Hungary 

Press review


"Us ... an entity
You ... me and you
Me alone
How we suspend in time
How we come together
And everything in between
Turning ..."


Event announcement by Goethe Cairo
On May 10th we will present a dance performance by the duo Salma Salem and Aly Khamis with musical accompaniment by Mohamed Shafik. Together they perform an adaptation and continuation of TURNING, a production by choreographer Shaymaa Shoukry, whose central metaphor stands for so much in life or even life itself: the rotation, the cycle, that which is constantly repeating. We find it in the macrocosm, in the microcosm, but above all in and in ourselves. Everything is in motion. Everything is turning. Always and everywhere.

Commissioned for: 

Goethe Institute Cairo 60 Years Anniversary celebration


A re-adaptation and in depth exploration of the action of Turning  (performed for stage in 2014 contemporary dance night)


On sight creation through a residency for Women by the Sea festival El Gouna Egypt

performed by:

Salma Salem

Aly Khamis 

Marihan Samy 

Kamel Rageb

Music composed and performed live by Mohamed Shafik

A dynamic and collaborative project with mixed ability dancers, dedicated to exploring ways of accepting differences and connecting through similarities. By giving space and time to self-expression and to listening, the piece seeks to deconstruct mental and physical constraints and ultimately allow our spirit to fly to new horizons.

press review

Testing the ability to recover from or adjust to…

Post our spring, post hoping for change: How can we keep going? 

The Resilience of the Body is a solo about how to find continuity and perseverance in the world we live in today.

Re-adaptation of the performance from the stage to a basketball field within the context of Nuit Blanche 2018

Brussels Belgium with audience participation. Running four showings on loop with Mohamed Fouad sharing the Arabic Version of the performance.

Choreography & Performance: Shaymaa Shoukry 

Sound: Open source 

Light design: Saber el Sayed 

Music: Mohamed Shafik 


Production: Dayer for Artistic Productions 

Coproduction Arab Arts Focus 

Residency and Rehearsals: Cairo Contemporary Dance Center


I'm just passing by, I might leave a trace behind or it might be blown by the wind.
I search for my axis between nature and the city, on unstable grounds.

Performance and choreography: Shaymaa Shoukry
Music: Mohamed Shafik

Special thanks to the cast and crew of "Turning " 2014 for starting the work process with me.
Thanks to Nacera Beleza,  Dalia el abd and Sultan Sherif for the inspiration of turning.


Nassim el Raqs 2016

on site chorographic research and creation

The map is (not) the territory
Mentorship : Nikolaus Gansterer
4 solo project with the participation of With Omar Adel, Marta Vallejo and Shaymaa Shoukry

Production : Momkin – espaces de possibles, with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum and the European Union. 

Al Ahram announcment 

Facebook event


Performers… interacting with the multiple layers of the space, and the public to shed light on the different aspects of the sight…. The sea… the boats… the buildings … the promenade… the street… the borders… the limits… the harshness…the softness… and the other… how all these elements co-exist and create complex systems… our cities

Decomposing to recompose … the perception of our spaces and ourselves.

Redefining the borders that surround us.


Researching ways to introduce our physical presence in one of  the public beaches of Alexandria using the language of contemporary dance to communicate with a the public. Researching the build up on the use of gestures to provide a reading of our bodies that is coherent for eyes with freshness to viewing dance in that form. We used music in the same way; where a familiar reference is introduced and then taken away,  inviting audience to hear sounds that are more experimental and less familiar. The goal of our research was to share a vision and find a quality of presense that is not invasive on the neighborhood and is welcomed.


Music by Maurice Louca

Performance Aly Khamees, Mirette Micheal  Mounir Said and Shaymaa Shoukry

Choreography Shaymaa Shoukry


The work was developed and shown within a residency hosted by Nassim el raqs first edition 2011 an on-site choreographic and interdisciplinary art creation festival.

Running Nucleus

Choreography 100 hands dance company

     D-CAFE festival urban visions 2014

You and Me... In Between

Could I lose myself into us, never finding me again?

The spaces between two people… how at each proximity the relationship changes. The common body of love verses individuality, the verticality of ONE in the relation between TWO.


Footage filmed by Dalia Abd El Aziz and Emma Benany

Concept, Performance, Sound composition and Video Editing by Shaymaa Shoukry

Special thanks to Sherif Kamel for his Presence


This work is a result of a Creation Residency offered by L’Officina in the framework of the Miniature project, Marseilles, France.

A live interaction with the image though physical presence, dance, and live painting took place during the performance.

Studio showing at l’officina

Premier at Fort Saint-Jean, Marseille Imaginez Maintenant Festival 2010

Untitled... In Taz Palace

Sight specific performance researching ‘space’ primarily as a point of departure for creating a dialogue.

Looking at the different architectural levels of viewing a performer / a performance and how this influences the perception. Keeping an element of play in this exploration.

A happening in Amir Taz Palace, Egypt 2008

Curated by Filippo Armati

Supported by Pro Helvetia.

Meet-foul 2009

Dance and instant painting, launch of “Meetfool” online performing artist database, Darb 17-18 Cairo Egypt

Experimentation with Emma Benany and Ganzeer

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