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Fluidity in medium and in movement, shapeshifting and amorphous, three dancers journey from the depths to the surface. They transition between five different states on their trajectory upwards. The bodies fluctuating fluidly between submission to the medium and resisting it, the water soon gives way to to the life within it, embodying the aqueous force they blend and morph towards the other side of the surface.


In this debut collaboration between choreographer Shaymaa Shoukry and composer and editor Joel Cahen, their shared passion of the water medium is realised with an unusual project. Due to the lack of a physical collaborative space, the collaboration resulted in a video created in an intuitive and fluid creative process. The video was conceived in calls and texts, filmed in the Red Sea, scored and edited in the Kent countryside in the UK.


Duration: 11m

Choreography: Shaymaa Shoukry

Video edit and Music: Joel Cahen

Dancers: Farahnaz Hany, Salma Salem, Shaymaa Shoukry Videographer: Shahir Maged Mikhail


Made with the support of the British Council, Farnham Malting and Orient Productions.

ROTAS 2020

Invited by the Festival Dança em Tránsito in Brazil 10 dancers and choreographers from all around the world got together to improvise, exchange, create. Because of the worldwide pandemic this meeting took place in the virtual world. This video is a documentation of the process.

Flávia Tápias, Rio de Janeiro (BR)
Nicole Seiler, Lausanne (CH)
Marie Urvoy, Nantes (F)
Jeremy Kouyoundjian, Paris (F)
Kiko López, Madrid (ES)
Rosa Antuña, Belo Horizonte MG (BR)
Shaymaa Shoukry, Cairo (EG)
Diya Naidu, Bangalore (IN)
Júlio Rocha, Rio de Janeiro RJ (BR)
Gleidson Vigne, Giessen (DE)
Produced by Dança em Tránsito 2020
Editing: Nicole Seiler


Sīna is a feminine sensual poetic portrait of the Sinai desert in Egypt. It is a visual statement, insisting on beauty, union and female embodied expression beyond borders. Sīna captures gracefully and intuitively a female voice and questions human created borders by moving in circles and flowing with the forces as they spontaneously arise in two female dancers as the sun rise and set over Holy Land.



Shaymaa Shoukry, Christine Borch, Paola Calvo

Supported by the Danish Egyptian Dialogue institute

Zar Possession

Theo Eshetu, Zar Possession (2019). Exhibition view: 12th Bamako Encounters Photography Biennial, Bamako (30 November 2019–31 January 2020). 

Expanding on artistic director Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung's definition of photography, which asserts that the medium is not about what one sees but what it can conjure, the power of Zar Possession lies in its will to dominate the viewer. Alluding to carnal ties between humans, animals, bloodshed, water, and forces beyond mortal realms, the film feeds on the human need for spectacle.


An improvised experimental performance based on live visual treatments using Pure-data. Dealing with the keywords of digital double, conversation with one-self, real and virtual spaces.


A collaboration between the dancer/choreographer Shaymaa Shoukry and Media artist Emma Benany



Exploring various interpretations of obscenity; What is obscene? Is the body obscene? Is the display of sexuality obscene? Or Is violence obscene? Violence towards others, Violence towards oneself.

A video collage, compiling highlights from a research process on the theme “obscenity and the body” through a r

esidency with the dancers of Dance works Rotterdam 2011

Concept by Andre Gingras Videography Oona Smoon  Music Bikia Choreography Shaymaa Shoukry

Performed by: Lea Dubois, Thami Joe Fischer, Blazej Jasinski, Sandra Maes, Ilija Surla, Reve Terborg, Noemi Wagner, Melanie Wirz, Jason De Witt, Cherif Zaouali, and Marek Zawalski

Produced by Dance works Rottredam and Dancing on the Edge in collaboration with kosmopolis Rottredam 

You and Me… in between

Could I lose myself into us, never finding me again?

The spaces between two people… how at each proximity the relationship changes. The common body of love verses individuality, the verticality of ONE in the relation between TWO.


Footage filmed by Dalia Abd El Aziz and Emma Benany

Concept, Performance, Sound composition and Video Editing by Shaymaa Shoukry

Special thanks to Sherif Kamel for his Presence


This work is a result of a Creation Residency offered by L’Officina in the framework of the Miniature project, Marseilles, France.

A live interaction with the image though physical presence, dance, and live painting took place during the performance.

Studio showing at l’officina

Premier at Fort Saint-Jean, Marseille Imaginez Maintenant Festival 2010


Me Myself and I

Three emotional states, expressing them through video and performance… looping them in a quest for the spectator to connect internally with his own state.


First visit to video art as a medium.

Exhibited as a Video Art Installation 2006 Four seven tea Exhibition, Senior Project Falaki Gallery, American University in Cairo, Screening at the French Institute annual film festival, Egypt 2007

Video Art/ Video Dance/


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