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A journey into the womb. Creating a dance that mirrors the womb to the globe, exploring how time and space can shift through a dialogue between music and the pelvic movement allowing a discography through multiple layers of the inherited and contemporary conditioning of our physical perception and means expression, Working through the center, the origin of life force, the space of power manifestation, to come back to the depth of the familiar ground...the core.

Concept, Dance and Choreography: Shaymaa Shoukry
Artistic collaboration, Live Music and Composition: Ahmed Saleh
Vocals Anastasia Katsinavaki
Cello and Text Shaymaa Shoukry
Belly dance movement coach Sherin Hegazy

Produced by: Ahmed El Attar, Dayer for Artistic Productions
With the support of: Orient Productions
Supported by Le Fonds de soutien aux Arts Arabes (FSAA), Arab Arts Focus Asscoiation Paris (AAF)
Research residency: Between the Seas Art Space 1927
Womb is realized with the support of Mophradat’s Grant for Artists’ practice Program
Womb is developed during the ProHelvetia Cairo residency program hosted by the Dansometre Vevey Switzerland
you and me

Testing the ability to recover from or adjust to…

Post our spring, post hoping for change: How can we keep going? 

A Work qustioning how to find continuity and perseverance in the world we live in today.

The Resilience of the Body readapted to be performed outdoors in a special duo formate in collaboration with Mahmoud El Hadad


Choreography & Performance: Shaymaa Shoukry 

performance :Mahmoud El Hadad 

Sound: Open source 

Light design: Saber el Sayed 

Music: Mohamed Shafik 


Production: Dayer for Artistic Productions 

PLACCC Budapest Hungary 

Press review


A duet between two, a man and a woman,

a dance performance that deals with the topic of fighting.. Asking...

What are we fighting for?

Who are we fighting?

What about the fight we have within ourselves?


Testing the ongoing perseverance, the inner conflicts and the ways we manage to carry on.


Concept, Choreography, and Performance: Shaymaa Shoukry

Choreographic Collaboration and Performance: Mohamed Fouad Music Composition and Performance: Ahmed Saleh Light Design and Technical Director: Saber El Sayed Producer: Ahmed El Attar


Production :

Arab Arts Focus,

Dayer For Artistic Production,

Khalf 40

Co Production: Les Bancs Publics

Creation residency and Work in progress showing : 2019 Sequence Danse, CentquatreParis France,

2020 Egypt Premier Falaki Theatre Cairo Egypt 2020
2021 Les Roncontre a L’echelle Les Banc Public, Friche La belle de Mai, Marsille
2021 Massion de la culture MC93 Paris la Saison Africa.
2021 Rawabet Space, Cairo Egypt.

2021Arab Arts Focus La Briqueterie CDCN du Val-de -Marne And Theatre Jean-Vilar/ Vitry-Sur-Seine


#YOUTOO is a choreographic collaboration between Hana Tefrati and Shaymaa Shoukry that deals with coping with violent behavior and self-assertion mechanisms against gender-based violence and sexual harassment. Both artists live in the MENA region, Marrakech and Cairo, cities where everyday sexism is very common. Through a series of open studios and movement workshops in Hamburg and Marrakech, they have collected personal stories, experiences and thoughts on the topic and will in this performance explore personal and collective methods to overcome gender-specific violence.


with and by: Hana Tefrati / Shaymaa Shoukry

music and composition: Moss Beyon Juckes


World Premiere: Kampnagel – K1 Hamburg Germany

Discontinued 3

An encounter, a risk, a festival! We are celebrating 10 years of post-migrant theater at Ballhaus Naunynstraße with the international performance festival Permanent Unrest! 23 artists come together in 5 constellations at Ballhaus Naunynstraße, for a first encounter, for a work process that has yet to be negotiated, showing for two evenings each.



Deepika Arwind (performer, theater maker & author), Linda Nabasa (actress, author),

Shaymaa Shoukry (choreographer & performer),

Biliana Voutchkova (musician, composer & performer).

Ballhous Naunynstraße  Berlin Germany December 2018

To walk… to… with… away from…
The fall… The shift… The common weight… The counterpoint…

A research on walking.
A very basic yet highly sophisticated and intricate form of movement.
A continues weight shift that takes a direction.
Touching the boarders of off balance as it stays centred.
Endless oppositions and spirals within a body as it moves forward.
Two bodies… as they walk together, patterns and shapes appear, subtle dynamics can be interpreted, images can be drawn, and narratives can form.

Choreography: Shaymaa Shoukry 

Performance: Salma Salem & Aly Khamis

Live Music: Ahmed Saleh

Light design : Saber el Sayed  

A production by Contemporary Dance Night 2018

co-produced By Dayer For artistic Production 

Contemporary Danse Night 2018  Falaki Theatre and Bibliotheca Alexandrina Cairo Egypt,

Tanztage, Sophiensaele 2019 Berlin, Germany
Institute Du Monde Arab, Le Printemps De La Danse Arab, 2019 Paris, France

Multiple Reflections of inner flow

Portray is created with an urge to unravel the layers of a body through its reservoir. Tapping into time-less states of being through an inner grove, connecting through the bliss of letting go.


Portray is a continuation of Shoukry’s choreographic curiosity about inner movement, repetition, trans-formation and the action of shaking.

Choreography: Shaymaa Shoukry 

Performance: Noura Seif

Live Music: Mohamed Shafik 

Light design & Technical Director

: Saber el Sayed  & Philip Mounir

Production: Dayer for Artistic Productions 

Coproduction Dancing on the edge 2017

Residency and Rehearsals: Studio Feryal Cairo


D-caf  Festival Cairo Egypt 2018

Dancing on the edge tour in the Netherlands 2017

Warhouse9 Copenhagen Stage Festival Denmark supported by the Danish Egyptian Dialogue institute in Egypt 2018

Testing the ability to recover from or adjust to…

Post our spring, post hoping for change: How can we keep going? 

The Resilience of the Body is a solo about how to find continuity and perseverance in the world we live in today.


Choreography & Performance: Shaymaa Shoukry 

Sound: Open source 

Light design: Saber el Sayed 

Music: Mohamed Shafik 


Production: Dayer for Artistic Productions 

Coproduction Arab Arts Focus 

Residency and Rehearsals: Cairo Contemporary Dance Center 


Thanks to Mahmoud El Haddad for his Performance during the Fringe 2017


Nominated for ‘The Total Theatre Award/ The Place’ at The Edinburgh Fringe Arab Arts Focus,

Won Summerhall’s ‘Festival Special Moments Award’

The Edinburgh Fringe Arab Arts Focus- Dance double bill 2017

Dancing on the edge tour in the Netherlands 2017

D-caf  Festival Cairo Egypt 2018

Warhouse9 Copenhagen Stage Festival Denmark supported by the Danish Egyptian Dialogue institute in Egypt 2018

Chicago Cultural Center 2018

Nuit Blanche Brussels Belgium 2018


Fondazione Feltrinelli Milano Welcome to Socotra Festival 2021

Together the Parts Tanzquartier Vienna 2022

Belfast international Arts Festival Ireland  2022




Press Reviews


I'm just passing by, I might leave a trace behind or it might be blown by the wind.
I search for my axis between nature and the city, on unstable grounds.

Performance and choreography: Shaymaa Shoukry
Music: Mohamed Shafik

Special thanks to the cast and crew of "Turning " 2014 for starting the work process with me.
Thanks to Nacera Beleza,  Dalia el abd and Sultan Sherif for the inspiration of turning.


Nassim el Raqs 2016

on site chorographic research and creation

The map is (not) the territory
Mentorship : Nikolaus Gansterer
4 solo project with the participation of With Omar Adel, Marta Vallejo and Shaymaa Shoukry

Production : Momkin – espaces de possibles, with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum and the European Union. 

Al Ahram announcment 

Facebook event


A dance performance focusing on social judgment as a general theme. That adopts shaking as the main anchor for the choreographic research to trigger transformation though repetition and open the door to the versatile aspects of one woman.


Our society like many tends to stereotype and judge others. This work was created with an urge to highlight that viewpoint and proximity affect perspective, and that there is more to a being than what we see at first glance. An invitation to accept, were time is given to look beyond the skin and into the heart, to reveal the many shades and colors of one being, a woman, Sudanese, African, Arab, who dances and is not only one thing.


 Choreography: Shaymaa Shoukry

Dance: Nagham Salah

Music: Mohamed Shafik

Technical Director and Light design: Saber el Sayed,

Light operator and co-designer: Philipe mounir

Set design: Ahmed Ashmawy

Costume design: Nermin Saeed

Stage Manager: Maram Abd Elmaqsoud

Technicians: Engiz crew


Dayer Production 


Opening hosted by Townhouse Rawabet, within the framework of

D-CAF festival 2015

Cairo, Egypt

Hosted off 2 be continued lab and festival 2015

Shown in the AAF D-CAF  2016

Jesuit Alexandria 201

Dance in Response, Hamburg Germany 2016

Euro news press review

Al Ahram Online

Dot Misr


Man … is a being alive by his dynamics, always moving and cycling.

This work aims to portray the idea of trial and continuity, mans’ drive to keep moving, an experience to be lived, on state of trance as we try, we fail, we try again, we repeat our trials over and over in a continuous state of existence and turning. We arrive to one point… yet we never settle… we keep moving on and trying again … maybe somewhere else maybe towards something else. For arriving is not the point, the journey is all that matters.


The chorographic research is on the action of turning as metaphor to the cycle of life; from the atom to the cosmos, the cycles of our bodies and our emotional cycles. Diving into this everlasting transcending repetitive movement that delivers the soul carried by the body into a suspended state of being we dig to find what makes us carry on in life.

Choreography: Shaymaa Shoukry

Performers: Aly Khamees, Nagham Salah Othman, Amna Magdy and Aya Fayed

Music: Mohamed Shafik

Light design: Saber Elsaed

Media: Emma Benany

Premier at falaki main stage Cairo Egypt 2014

Perfromed at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina theatre

within the framework of Contemorary Dance Night

Special thanks to Nacera Belaza, Dalia El Abd and Sultan Mounir for the inspiration

Many thanks to Mohamed Sherif and Sedika Abou Seda for the moral support

And a very special thanks to MAAT/CCDC for their hospitality during the rehearsal period of the project


This process of creation emerges from pure physical actions, evolving to take form and shape, from which stories could be told and ideas could be communicated.

Exploring a distinct state of being scary and sacred, generous and vulnerable.

Creating life through her inner universe… making her vibrant body a space that carries the future, as it walks into the unknown.


Performance: Mona Gamil

Music: Mahmoud Waly

Choreography: Shaymaa Shoukry


Contemporary dance night 2012 Falaki main stage

Where do we go from here... ?

Sharing personal stories…

Sharing a choreographic process…

Sharing a meeting point…


Choreography and Performance: Alaa Samman and Shaymaa Shoukry

Music: ‘500 police’ by Bikia

Light design:  Feisal

Concept: Shaymaa Shoukry


A work in progress developed in a 10-day residency in the framework of Aat festival Amman 2012

Special thanks to:  the Egyptian ministry of culture for sponsoring the travel expenses.

Thanks To: Shereen Zoumot’s House, The Music House, Arthur Murray, and Al Balad Theatre for their hospitality in Amman


And many thanks to all the team of Aat festival


Breaking out of detachment

Breaking out of the system

Breaking the walls


Using the repetitive action of running into the wall to echo the social and political change we are trying to implement in Egypt

Choreography: Shaymaa Shoukry

Performance : Salma Abd El Salam, Rafaat Baioumy, Emma Benany, Mohamed Fouad,  Shaymaa Shoukry, Aly Sobhy. with the participation of the rest of the festival artists and audience members in the finale of the performance.


Townhouse Rawabet 2012

Contemporary Dance night experimental edition-

Artists collectively volunteered to kick off the festival


Performers… interacting with the multiple layers of the space, and the public to shed light on the different aspects of the sight…. The sea… the boats… the buildings … the promenade… the street… the borders… the limits… the harshness…the softness… and the other… how all these elements co-exist and create complex systems… our cities

Decomposing to recompose … the perception of our spaces and ourselves.

Redefining the borders that surround us.


Researching ways to introduce our physical presence in one of  the public beaches of Alexandria using the language of contemporary dance to communicate with a the public. Researching the build up on the use of gestures to provide a reading of our bodies that is coherent for eyes with freshness to viewing dance in that form. We used music in the same way; where a familiar reference is introduced and then taken away,  inviting audience to hear sounds that are more experimental and less familiar. The goal of our research was to share a vision and find a quality of presense that is not invasive on the neighborhood and is welcomed.


Music by Maurice Louca

Performance Aly Khamees, Mirette Micheal  Mounir Said and Shaymaa Shoukry

Choreography Shaymaa Shoukry


The work was developed and shown within a residency hosted by Nassim el raqs first edition 2011 an on-site choreographic and interdisciplinary art creation festival.

Exit Does Not Exit 

The city…

The boarders… the doors… and the bridges…

Is there a way to exit the economic-socio-political-global system?

What reality should we choose to live in?

Socially integrated? Politically aware? Up to speed with current events?

In harmony with Nature? In vivid lucid Dreams?

As we connect to one we disconnect from another… turning… 


10 days before the uprising in Egypt started to take its course, the 15th of January 2011 was the closing night of “Exit Does Not Exit” in Cairo.

Exit does not Exit questions the level of detachment / attachment of our being in this life. Fluctuating between the various levels of perceiving reality, with its large spectrum. Questioning violence and the level of engagement in events of the ‘real’ world, verses virtual realities, alternative realties, and self-protective bubbles/realities. The process is a quest to find a frequency to encounter oneself and the other from a genuine position in the world today.  10 days later potential answers were presented to me, especially concerning how attached to be and which position to chose.


Exit Does Not Exit premiered in January 2011

at the Falaki theatre Cairo, Egypt within the frame work of the 3rd edition of “To be continued lab and festival” organized by Studio Emad Eddin Foundation (Sweden) and Orient Productions (Egypt).


 ‘Exit does not Exit’ has been chosen to Tour in the Netherlands as part of the co-productions program within the J.M. Liverato project that is a joint venture between Dancing On the Edge Festival in Holland, Studio Emad Eddin Foundation in Sweden and Orient Productions in Cairo.

December 2011 Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Hague


Ezzat Ezzat, Mirette Micheal, Mounir Said, Samar Ezzat, Ahmed el Guindy

Interactive media: Emma Benany

Music: Mahmoud Waly

Light Design: Ahmed Boraie, redesgined by Saber El Sayed

Set Design: Asmaa El Sharkawi

Costume Design: Shaymaa Shoukry

Choreography: Shaymaa Shoukry


Mentors of 2 be continued lab January 2011:

choreography :Laurence Rondoni

light desgin: Saed Samir

scenography: Hussain Baydon

Special thanks to Benoit Lachamber, Karima Mansour, George Bahna, Mohamed Sherif, Sedika Abu Seda


Special thanks to center national de la dance France for providing a research residency june 2011 for the departure point of the project


Rehearsal space provided by: The town house factory space, The American University in Cairo, The Cairo opera house (center of creativity, SEE Foundation

You and Me... In Between

Could I lose myself into us, never finding me again?

The spaces between two people… how at each proximity the relationship changes. The common body of love verses individuality, the verticality of ONE in the relation between TWO.


Footage filmed by Dalia Abd El Aziz and Emma Benany

Concept, Performance, Sound composition and Video Editing by Shaymaa Shoukry

Special thanks to Sherif Kamel for his Presence


This work is a result of a Creation Residency offered by L’Officina in the framework of the Miniature project, Marseilles, France.

A live interaction with the image though physical presence, dance, and live painting took place during the performance.

Studio showing at l’officina

Premier at Fort Saint-Jean, Marseille Imaginez Maintenant Festival 2010

Time Cycles on a Landscape of a body  

As time cycles we loose ourselves in the system we build for ourselves, Finding no more space to taste touch or feel. How could we break free from this loop? Could we find a way to revisit ourselves and the world around us? Without being the slave of time, but using it merely as a measuring unit. How could our bodies simply BE as a landscape that blends into our landscapes and cityscapes? Where does the quality of our verticality and presence in the context of life today stand? Researching for answers… through acknowledgment first...


Music: Alexander Mangel

Light: Saad Samir

Graphic Animation: Pouyan karbor

Video: Dalia Abd El Aziz and Shaymaa Shoukry

Choreography & Performance: Shaymaa Shoukry


Special Thanks to: Sedika Abou Seda, Sherif Kamel, Laurence Rondoni, and SEE Foundation

Thanks to Dancing on the Edge Festival, the Netherlands  for offering a residency that permitted the practical creation of this piece.

Showed in: Danswerkplaats Amsterdam, studio showing 2009

Penitents Blancs, Festival Hivernals Avignon 2010

Aat Festival Jordan el balad theatre 2012

Townhouse Rawabet 2015

Skin Quartette + 1

As life cycles, time goes by… and society dictates.

Time… a measuring unit… Does it rule us? How do we break free? Could we?


An enriching work process open to exchanging between the artists working on the piece. Focused on the perception of time and through it the perception of each artisits' life. Looking objectively at our patterns and testing ways to be more conscious of them and and transform them if needed.

Premiered at falaki main stage “2 be continued” festival second edition Dec. 2009 Egypt

Choreography: Shaymaa Shoukry

Performed by: Ezzat Ismail, Mirette Michal, Mounir Saeed, Samar Ezzat

Music composed and performed by: Hany Adel

Video: Dalia Abd El Aziz & Shaymaa Shoukry

Costumes & Set Design: Mariam Rafik & Sally Yousif

Light Design: Mohamed Nabil

Special Thanks to: Sedika Abu Seda, Mohamed Sherif, Laurence Rondoni, Dancing on the Edge Festival and SEE Foundation


Researching a personal way to write dance. Exploring the idea of ‘fixed random probability’ and creating a system to write scores for dance, through that system. The dancer is free to interpret this information as they please according to the organic logic of their body together with finding ways to break habits. Once an interpretation is clear in the body, the dancer must relearn the movement they created.


This system was used as a choreographic writing tool in other projects; to create the first part of “Time Cycles on a landscape of a body” solo that evolved into “Skin quartette+1”

Choroegraphy and Performance: Shaymaa Shoukry 

Music : Maisie by Syd Barrett


Studio showing within the Cairo Contemporary Dance Workshop Program, Curated by Laurance Rondoni, Organized by Studio Emad El Din, Cairo 2008

Untitled... In Taz Palace

Sight specific performance researching ‘space’ primarily as a point of departure for creating a dialogue.

Looking at the different architectural levels of viewing a performer / a performance and how this influences the perception. Keeping an element of play in this exploration.

A happening in Amir Taz Palace, Egypt 2008

Curated by Filippo Armati

Supported by Pro Helvetia.

the Ressilience duo
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